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the woman suffered nonlife-threatening injuries. the driver of the bus is scheduled to undergo standard drug and alcohol testing. police are searching for man wanted in two attacks against women. both happened in san francisco's mission district in january and early february. sergio quintana is live with new details. reporter: well, san francisco police put out an advisory because they've linked two assaults to a similar suspect here on women in the mission. they're hoping that anyone who recognizes the suspect will call investigators with information. now, here are two sketches put out by the police. the one on the left is based on the description of a woman who was attacked two weeks ago. the one of the right is based on the description of a woman attacked just blocks away on january 6th. the most recent attack was february 2nd, around 1:00 a.m.
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here on bartlet street. the victim of that attack told police she passed a man on the sidewalk, and he suddenly began punching her. when she covered her face to protect herself, the man ran off. the first incident happened nearly a month earlier on 23rd 23rd and church street in that incident the victim sass the map lunged at her and threw her on the ground, straddled her and then began bashing her head into the sidewalk. she managed to scream for help and he ran away. residents of the neighborhood say they've heard before the the assaults and they're taking precautions to be safe. >> i definitely always walk my friends home or they walk me home. i definitely do not walk alone late anymore in my neighborhood. at least not right now. reporter: nearly everyone i talked to today said they have heard about these assaults. now, police linked the two different incidents because the sketches of the suspect look similar, and also the assault seems to have run a similar
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pattern as well. again, police are hoping anyone with information will call them to help make an arrest in this situation. reporting live in the mission district, abc7 news. >> ama: two san francisco police officers were injured overnight trying to break up a number of fights in north people. happened at 2:00 a.m. on broadway street. the officers suffered minor injuries and were treated at a local hospital. two people have been arrested for assaulting them. new at 6:00. the president of new york's naacp said today, even members of the police force tell him they are against the controversial policy of stop and friction. that -- stop and frisk. that policy could be coming to oakland. william bratton ised a an -- advocate of stop and frisk.
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critics call it racial profiling. supporters say it's an effective tool in the fight against crime. >> a con vick it rapist who fled the country has been arrested in mexico. he was arrested in acapulco. convicted of rape, robbery, and burglary in fess -- fresno county in mid-december. three days after he disappeared. his father is an assistant chief with the chp was arrested for allegedly helping in the escape. two other family members were also arrested. >> we have new details about saturday's collision between a fer are and a speedboat on san francisco bay. the coast guard is now conducting interviews as part of its investigation. here the passengers are shown leaving the ms san francisco after the collision. the speedboat is now in a salvage yard. the two men aboard the vessel were injured. sky 7hd was over the ms san francisco this morning. it's operating again today and ferry service is running on schedule. thousands of people urged president obama to make
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protecting the environment a higher priority during his second term. a group gathered the san francisco to rally against the keystone xl pipeline. that proposal calls for moving oil from canada to the gulf of mexico through several states. ♪ >> ama: a larger demonstration took place in washington, dc. that group voiced its opposition to the keystone pipeline as well. demonstrators also called for the president and congress to take more action on climate change. >> still to come, kicking off spring training. abc7 sports anchor mike shumann is in arizona. >> mike: we'll talk with managing partner of the a's bat proposed new stadium, and the story of the day, josh reddick's beard. >> ama: the cost of fighting wildfires, and the new criticism about who has to pay for it. >> as is he reign of silicon
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valley coming to an end? >> leigh: i'm meteorologist leigh glaser. boy, we have been full of springlike weather. it's going to start ending tomorrow with a return. we'll look at the accuweather
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>> ama: new at 6:00. california's effort to recover the cost of fighting wildfires
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from those who start them is under criticism. for nearly a decade the state has been aggressively going after businesses and individual they blame for starting fires. now governor jerry brown wants to nearly double the employees working for the recovery program, going from 14 to 24 employees. since 2008 the unit has helped the state recoup more than $95 million. the critics say the state is charging too much and needs to justify the amount of the charges. an arizona fireman who saved the life of a buy halfway around the world hopes the same act of giving might some day save the life of his son. five-year-old jack welch has leukemia years earlier his dad sign up for the bone marrow registry and last month he donated marrow to save the life of a six-year-old boy in germany. >> what's that makes my story unique and makes it more special to me. jack could potentially need a bone marrow transplant, and we hope someone out there someone goes on and registers because of
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the story,, someone is going to be out there to donate for him. >> the good news, jack is heading toward full remission. nearly 600,000 cars were recalled by bmw. the concern is over a battery cable connector that can fail and cause the engine to stall. the recall effects three series sedans, wag -- wagons and coups and includes 2008 to 20121 series coups and convert ables. bmw will replace the cable connector and secure it for free. >> silicon valley has new competition. the new home-grown version of the tech hub. another beautiful weekend. what is ahead for the work week? leigh glaser has the forecast. >> a's owner lou wolfe is embarrassed. what for? mike shumann will splaib. he is at as camp today. the beered one, josh reddick --
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talking to jos
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>> ama: silicon valley getting some major competition. the new trend is to make the most of wherever you are and create your own tech hub. here's a look at one growing community. reporter: the importance of signs the economy needed a boost got it in president obama's state of the union address. >> a one shotterred warehouse is a lab where they're working on revolutionizing everything. >> the traditional thinking has been if you want to be the next apple, facebook or google, you have to take your idea west. the new thinking, not necessarily so. >> you see the light bulb go on that no longer do we have to say to ourselves silicon valley is the only place to go if i have a startup dream. >> that this prescribe between 1776 which will soon occupy this space in undowntown washington, dc. an example of a tech hub far from silicon valley. >> we talk about being founded
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by founders, and every city in mrs. has a core strength of having been built largely by entrepreneurs. >> the goal, bringing young companies together on a campus of sorts, creating a community among them and helping them find ways to maximize the city around them, rather than leave home base. >> silicon valley has awesome assets unique too that ecosystem. we -- it's all about how to build a community that derives from the assets. >> a concept budding entrepreneurs can apply in the city. >> ama: let's get to leigh glaser for a check on the weather and how soon it will be changing. >> leigh: at it going to be changing in the next 24 hours as colder air will start to move in and, yes, the rain returns this upcoming work week. here's a look at live doppler 7 hd. no returns so all is clear. beautiful shots from the high
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definition mt. tamalpais camera. you may have noised today we were -- noticed we were done as much as six degrees, santa rose sacks yesterday 70s, today, the pie 55. concord, flipped to 66 degrees. san jose, 63. we had 55 in monterey. another beautiful shot of the embarcadero in san francisco. thanks from our high definition rooftop camera and you can see right now san francisco in the low 50s. san jose, 54. 56 in santa cruz. livermore, 56. and looking out over the bay from the high definition east bay cam, a nice seth sun there. a very still bay. right now santa rosa, 54. 54 in napa. concord, 57. and gilroy, 54 degrees. here's a look at the forecast highlights, and you need to pay attention because we have some big changes coming up. low clouds and fog will re-develop overnight.
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partly cloudy conditions, much cooler temperatures, as we head into monday. we're going to drop as much as ten degrees in some spots, and then the rain will return as we head into tuesday, and then the notice the very low snow levels. here's a look at pacific satellite. this is the clearing we have now. this is the low cloudiness and the fog. we're getting into more of an onshore wind component, so anything out here is going to move inland, and it's going to be the cold front to the north and west that is going to usher in winter rains on tuesday, and also a very -- 0 colder air mass than what we have been used to the past three to four days. here's a look at the timing. tuesday, 5:00 a.m. we'll noise a few scatters showers but check it out. here comes fro cold front, 9:00 a.m. heaviest rain ahead of it. by the noontime hour all of this will sag to the south, 6:00, 7:00, 8:00, 8:00, 10:00, much of the rain moved to the mouth but
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♪ levels or higher peaks could see as much as three inches of snow above the 2500-foot level. so keep that in mind especially early wednesday morning. tonight, clouds coming in so a little more insulated. upper 50s in the north and east bay locations. low clouds and fog moving in through the bay. 40's near the coast. monday, we all come down. no 60s and 70s but rather 50s. 58 at the coast. 51, half moon bay. 57, palo alto. san francisco tomorrow, 55. sun and clouds mix with thickening clouds in the bay. oakland, 55 degrees. and in interior east bay, looking for temperatures near 60. brentwood tomorrow, 58 degrees. so, cold rain on the way, on tuesday, low snow levels as well. overnight tuesday, wednesday morning. wednesday looks dry. going to be cool, in the 50s.
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and next chance of showers could be on friday, -- thursday and then warm up next weekend. >> shu continues to stay in arizona and having a great time. the defending american league west champions. has a nice ring, down it, a's fans? oakland holding the first full squad workout and mike shumann was there. sound like you talked to everyone today. >> mike: well, colin, we'll start with the business at hand, i talked with the a's owner and managing partner lou wolfe about the proposed new stadium. the become story in 2005 he tried to move the team to fremont and that didn't work out, then set hi sights on san jose in 2009 show. giants claimed that territory so bud selig formed a committee to look into the feasibility. still no answer. so i asked mr. wolfe, why?
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>> only lives a few miles from here. i suggest you go over there with this camera and ask him. done so many good things and he has taught me a little more patience. i can't really comment. he is trying to make sure that we balance ourselves with the giants and territories and all that stuff is actually sort of getting tiring for me. >> mike: got to be frustrating, too. >> a little embarrassment. we'll see what happens. >> mike: well, i'll tell you what. it's become comical and ridiculous, like the stadium. so we'll have more from mr. wolfe at 11:00. the story of the day is josh reddick. he and koko crisp had also contest in the offseason to see who could grow their care and beard the longest. i'm going to say josh won out and i asked him, are you going to keep it during the season? >> i don't know yet. you never know. i'm going to try to hold on to
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it as long as i can. >> in spring train are you don't have to worry about grooming or anything. >> no. that's one thing here they don't really police the facial hair. so i don't want to see it get too much out of hand but maybe trim it here and there i could go to chops or goatee. so we'll just see writ goes,. >> mike: asked about josh's beard. what do you think of that? >> woody hayes, a little history with that. he worked hard on it. he grew a beard. just sat around and grew a period. i -- grew a beard. i'm not going to say it looks good but it's an interesting look. >> what's up with josh reddick's beard? >> i don't know. i together want to see that beard in july. dripping and it's gross and you have to high-five him and hug him. i'll stay away from that. >> what about josh reddick's beard? >> mike: all right. well, i thought we were done witch the beard when brian wilson left the bay area.
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apparently it just moved across the bay. we'll have more from the as tonight at 11:00. i'm mike shumann live in phoenix, back to you. >> well, reddick can hit .300, who cares. >> tommy haws -- raonic never last a set in san jose in in and there's ace number one, number two number three, and number four, all of them up the tee. next game, back-hand return line. the emto take the first set 6-4. a pair of breaks in the second including the game. 6-4, 6-3, on nitch joins tony as the only men to win three straight in san jose, women at ucla, chiney egg owing ex-going to work on the bruins. the step-through, ogwumike led all scorers with 26.
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en stanford, winner by 11. 15th straight win over the bruins. >> quite a story going on with the cal bears, lindsey's squad now sixth in the nation, visiting usc. boyd landed hard on her side but she is tough. complain -- 72-64. cal's won 11 straight. history made at daytona. danicka patrick, the first woman win the pole. averaging 196 miles-per-hour in this just her second trip to daytona. only jeff came closer. golf news, john monomeric the winner of the northern trust open. and highlights of warriors at 9:00 and 11:00. >> thank you so
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>> union me jury join me at 9:00. what brought mike tyson and evander holyfield together. then at 11:00, they're being called the new superfood with rave reviews from people like dr. oz but are they overrated?
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the answer that could affect your diet at 9:00 and 11:00. >> it is a good day for bruce willis, the late nest his die hard franchise is tops at the box office. 25 years after the original die hard, a good day to die hard earned $33 million in its opening weekend. last weekend's number one movie, identity thief, was a close second. safe haven was number three. and then the zombie, warm bodies. and don't forget the oscars are a week away and abc7 news the only place to watch the as oscars next sunday. that's it for us. i'm. -- sam thank you for joining us. joining us. see you book hear. all right thr problem...
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ok. not in my house! ha ha ha! ha ha ha! no no no! not today! ha ha ha! ha ha ha! jimmy how happy are folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico? happier than dikembe mutumbo blocking a shot. get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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>> right now, ready to return to oz -- >> i can't even believe i'm here now. >> one last stop on the road to oscar stpwhrfment it's fabulous. thrilling.usic's >> get jazzed with music's biggest stars. >> i have never been more excited about something in my life. >> take a trip to once upon a time. go. desperately wanted to it was my biggest dream. >> we're rolling out the red carpet now. >> i'm jennifer goode wing and you're -- goodwin and you're
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watching "on the red carpet." >> welcome to "on the red carpet" from the fashion institute of design and merchandising, l.a. i'm rachel smith. this gallery is filled with cool and colorful costumes from this year's oscar nominated films. we will take a closer look in a bit. first, ent follows the yellow brick record all the way to the red carpet great e of ooze god, the oosh "oz, the great and powerful." >> welcome to the yellow brick word. we're off to see the hollywood premiere of "oz, the great and powerful." there's no place like hollywood. tinseltown transformed itself into emerald city just in time for the wonderful wizard himself, james franco, to fly in. >> i know that there would be great expectations for, you know, a movie, you know, about oz. have them. i wouldem. >> james says like the classic this trip to oz is an adventure for all ages. >> people have grown up with oz, youno

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